Dallas Zoo welcomes a new member to the gorilla family

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DALLAS -- Move over April, there's a new baby in town!

The Dallas Zoo has announced the birth of a new, furry baby.

"So we just had our first Western Lowland gorilla baby in 20 years at the Dallas Zoo," said Keith Zdrojewski of Dallas Zoo.

Western lowland gorillas can be found in Central Africa and are a critically endangered species.

"There's only so many gorillas in human cares in zoos," said Zdrojewski. "Every zoo that has them wants to help the species and the way you do that is through genetics and matching them up. So to be able to bring a male and a female that get along and able to breed and then have a baby, and then have a baby that's healthy and surviving on it's own and doing all that stuff is a lot of work through the zoo and the SSP."

The baby, who has yet to be named, has been with its mom since birth. Mom is holding her little one so close, keepers have yet to identify the gender of the baby.

"The way that you can obviously tell the gender of the baby is by their bottom end and its tucked away in her arm almost all the time so the baby can nurse. So she hasn't given us a clear view of that area of the body," he said.

The life span of a these endangered animals in captivity is about 50 years. Catch a glimpse of mom and baby in their gorilla habitat in the mornings!

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