Bored? Broke? šŸ‘‰ Savvy Saver

Maybe not such a happy 4th of July for big beer companies!

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DALLAS-- "Happy Independence Day!" you yell to your buddies over an ice cold beer, but it may not be the happiest of holidays (historically speaking) for the big beer companies.

The Beer Institute says they have taken a hit.


Experts believe fewer Americans are drinking the classic beers because there are so many drinks to pick from on the shelf, or on tap.

Craft brewer, Chuck Homola started making beer at home years ago, and now is opening up his dream brewery in Dallas. "We fought for decades just to have 1% of the market, now we have much more than that," he says while laughing.

Steam Theory Brewing Company will be opening to the public on July 11th.

Homola says, "I think a lot of it, just the generations have changed. You know, you look at my generation,versus maybe theĀ Millennials now. They like to seek out interesting things, you know, pay a little bit more or something that`s really good."

Meanwhile, A PBR spokesperson tells us: "The holiday surrounding independence day weekend is often known as 'Cowboy Christmas' so it`s clearly a time when beer of all varieties is enjoyed."

While craft beer is buzzing, other drinks are pushing those big brands off the shelf too! Like, wine, ciders and other options.

Some are ditching the buzz all together! Apparently, non-alcoholic brewing is the new thing.

For health reasons, they say.

But, if you`re trying to get a buzz... you should check out Steam Theory Brewing Company off Singleton Blvd. in Trinity Groves. "We have a lot of local things we are doing here, food and beer wise," says Homola.

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