How keep your dog less stressed during 4th of July festivities

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ADDISON -- The spirit of fireworks, barbecues, and frantically waving american flags has arrived! But there's one group of party goers who need you to take some extra precautions.

The large crowds and loud noises independence day brings can frighten your doggy friends. In some cases dogs have even run away after getting scared.

So, the American Kennel Club has a some ways you can help your pet's fear of things like fireworks.

  • Give your dog its favorite treat
  • Learn to identify stress indicators
  • Try associating fireworks sounds with something happy

Another solution some dog owners have turned to is the gadget called "Thundershirt"

It's a vest that helps to calm dogs during stressful or high anxiety situation. And they're not just for dogs , cats can get in on the fashion trend as well.

At major firework shows like Kaboom Town in Addison, they say they've basically eliminated the issue all together

"Pets are not allowed, only service animals are allowed in the park," said Mary Rosenbleeth with Addison Public Communications. "What we have found for Kaboom Town, is that fireworks and dogs in particular really don't go well together."

Rosenbleeth says if you just can't stand to part with your furry friend, a dog park and plenty of open fields are outside the gates of the event where you and your pet can roam free.

So tuck them in somewhere safe, and always keep them hydrated. And hey, if you have to leave them at home, maybe bring them back something festive for the occasion!

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