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Taco Bell voted best Mexican restaurant!

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DALLAS--So, we know every one loves a good Taco Tuesday!

But, have you ever wondered, what restaurant has the best Mexican food ? Well, according to The Harris Poll, more than 77,000 people from the ages of 15 to 30 voted and picked Taco Bell!!

Yes, you heard it right, Taco Bell!

"Definitely not the best Mexican restaurant in 2018. Definitely not, it's not even authentic Mexican food. Like come one America!" said one Dallas resident.

The Chalupa lovin', Nacho Supreme fast food joint beat others like Del Taco, Chipotle, and Baja Fresh, to name a few.

"Taco Bell, they don't even use real hamburger." said another resident.

But to some its not about authenticity but convenience.

"Regarding authenticity, it's not super authentic but at the same time is very accessible to people who can't afford their meals. So it's low price, its affordable" said a viewer.

Other foodie winners according to the poll were Chick-Fil-A voted best chicken restaurant and it was a tie between Panera and Subway when it came down to best sandwich shop.

Well, there ya go folks, America has spoken!

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