Whataburger taking heat over Styrofoam cups


SAN ANTONIO-- Whataburger is taking some heat! And no, its not because of their Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger but because of their famous orange and white cups!

You see, Whataburger's cups are made out of a material called polystyrene. You can recycle them but according to The National Center For Biotechnology Information the cups are not biodegradable. Basically, not good for the environment.

In a statement released by Whataburger they said:

"At Whataburger, we're always looking for the best way to serve our customers. We're continuously researching new products and we're currently looking at cup alternatives that keep drinks at the right temperature."

Researchers from Environment Texas say we have the most polluted beaches in the United States.

The company says their Styrofoam cups are recyclable and that they encourage everyone to dispose of them properly. And if you wanna save the planet like Superman, Whataburger sells a custom Yeti Rambler on their site for $45.99.

What a great way to keep your drink cold and help the environment!

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