Fort Worth camp shows kids the good in animal shelters

FORT WORTH-- A hands-on summer camp for kids is Fort Worth is changing stereotypes.

Wynne Waggoner, Camp Henry volunteer says,  “People have misinterpretations of what an animal shelter really is, like you know ‘the pound’ and so we teach them that is good, and the animals that come out of here can be lifelong pets.”

Camp Henry exposes kids to the work they do, and helps the shelter out too. “We have hundreds of animals and they all need TLC, they all need attention,” says Waggoner.

Meanwhile, another Fort Worth animal shelter is doing big things, too!

Pierre and a few of his fur friends got taken in by the Humane Society of North Texas after being severely neglected for years.

Volunteers shaved the dreadlocks off Pierre, who is a 4-year-old poodle. He and his neglected buddies will be up for adoption on Friday, and need a lot care.

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