You may have to get your pet microchipped if you live in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH - Fort Worth's voting on a new ordinance that could help bring home lost pets, and Animal Services is just hoping it won't put a chip on your shoulder.

"It's the single greatest thing that you could do to make sure that your pet, your furry family member, comes back to you," said Tony Hiller, the Fort Worth Code Compliance Superintendent.

The ordinance would make it a requirement to microchip your pets, and the city's already practicing what it preaches.

Any pets you adopt from Animal Services are spayed, neutered, and microchipped.

If your dog or cat gets away and they have a microchip, the city will be able to quickly get your info, and help your furry friend get home.

If you don't want to go with your microchip, you can still get them licensed and registered, but that'll cost you a little more.

"Microchips are only $12 here at the shelter," Hiller said. "There will be an option for them to get a regular license, just as there always has been. But if they don't do either one of those, then there's obviously potential that they're going to get a fine from the city if their animal gets out."