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Woman has mid-flight meltdown on Spirit Airlines flight leaving Houston

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A Spirit Airlines flight was diverted from Houston to Minneapolis after an angry passenger had to be removed from the plane.

The flight left Houston and was it was scheduled to land in Minneapolis at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport, but had to be diverted to Rochester, Minnesota for a medical emergency.

“Just to be in that confined space with someone that is going through something very traumatic in their life and there’s nothing you can do, there’s nowhere you can go,” flight passenger Chianti Washington said.

In a video Washington recorded, you see the woman storming down the aisle yelling and cursing and at one point, two men confront her to possibly to calm her down.

Police officers eventually arrive and took the woman off the plane, but Washington says she didn’t go quietly. She was yelling and screaming until she was off the plane.

The incident left her and most of the other passengers visibly shaken.

chianti washington/passenger:

“They can have a breaking point at any moment and you know there are children on this flight and it just made me think of my 11-year-old son,” she said.

Washington said at least one flight attendant and a number of passengers were crying after the incident.

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