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Possible new 1040 tax form the size of a postcard may not be as easy to fill out as it looks

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Tax time. A time some associate with stress, relief, or for others, regret! Either way it's something we all have to go through.

And now, the Trump Administration has tried to make filling out form 1040 a little easier. Last year's tax forms were two full pages with 78 lines of items to fill out. Now, in a draft obtained by the New York Times, the new form is about the size of postcard and is double sided. It takes away more than half of the items that are on the old form.

Sounds good, right? Well, just because we're using less paper doesn't make filling out the form any easier. Parts of it are actually more difficult now.

For example, the area where you could deduct student loan interests or teaching supplies is a lot harder to find. And when you finally get to it, you have to tally them up and fill out one of six attached worksheets.

Normally postcards are associated with fun things like vacations, souvenirs, or a keep sake for making memories. If the new tax form is anything like the drafted form, it'll make memories alright - the kind most of us probably want to forget!

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