Dallas artist creates LeBron James billboard for ESPN

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DALLAS — Talk about courting The King!

The NBA Finals are over and LeBron James came out of his fourth championship without a ring, which has a lot of people wondering if he’ll stay with the team he carried throughout the entire season.

Some cities are hoping he’ll switch sides, like New Orleans:


and H-Town who are trying to call James over to their team by popping up billboards.

So ESPN picked 30 artists from NBA cities to come up with their own billboard concept to convince The King to come to their town.

“My idea originally was going to do LeBron James as Big Tex,” Dallas illustrator John Mata said. “Unfortunately a lot of people at ESPN didn’t feel like people knew who he was.”

Mata was picked to showcase the Big D by appealing to LeBron’s love for the boys.

“We knew that LeBron James was a huge Cowboys fan,” Mata said. “As much as I think the Mavericks are obviously important, I think we have to use the assets that we have given to us and the Cowboys are a huge draw.”

LeBron has until June 29th to decide if he’ll commit to the Cavs or if he wants to play the field, or court.

Even though a big name like LeBron James would be a huge win for Dallas, Mata isn’t optimistic he’ll join Dirk and the Mavs.

Mata added, “Hypothetically, I don’t think the Mavericks have too good of a chance to land him. However, crazier things have happened!”

Can you imagine LeBron James next to the German Giant? Maybe he’d look good in Dallas blue!

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