Home invasions, break-ins, and theft. Is it time for you to get a home surveillance system?

FORT WORTH - If something happened to you in a store or restaurant, you'd probably expect there to be surveillance video to help look up whoever brought you harm.

But, would you be able to count on that type of security in your own home?

"Having it on video is good because then you can look at it," said officer Brad Perez from the Fort Worth Police Department. "You can analyze it, you can get the correct information out to the public."

In 2016, the FBI reported nearly eight million property crime offenses in the United States, and that's just for non-violent issues.

That number wouldn't even include incidents like the Dallas home invasion on Sunday that left one man dead.

"Once we receive that information, we can put it out," Perez said. "We usually get people identified."

If you're wanting to beef up the surveillance in your home, but you just don't have the cash flow, don't worry! If you download the app, Alfred, you can convert an old phone to work just like a home security camera.

"It's great that in this day-in-age with modern technology, you can get affordable high quality video surveillance," Perez said.

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