Transgender woman asked for I.D. in bathroom at D.C. restaurant

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- It may be pride month but not everyone is celebrating.

In D.C., a transgender woman says she was discriminated against when she went to use the restroom at a restaurant. She says she was asked to prove she was a woman.

"The attendant asked me to see my ID. He didn't ask anybody else. And when I asked why, they said its because I have to have female on my ID in order to access the restroom," said Charlotte Clymer.

That was only the beginning.

After washing her hands, Charlotte Clymer says the attendant and manager both told her it was D.C. law that her gender matched the restroom. So, she went outside to look it up on her cell phone.

"I went back inside, went straight to him and asked him to read it. He did and said, That's incorrect and I still don't think you're allowed to use the restroom. I gave him one more chance, I said, I work for the Human Rights Campaign. I need you to make a course correction right now because this is about to get very bad," Clymer said.

Things only got worse from there and the manager eventually kicked her out.

"He humiliated me intentionally," she said.

Clymer called the police and they confirmed that the "law" the manager mentioned was made up.

The restaurant later apologized on twitter saying in part, "we are immediately re-training our entire staff to ensure this does not happen again."

An apology may never be enough to counter the attack on this woman's pride.