McKinney pool party aims to mend community relations

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MCKINNEY, TX-It's been three years since the infamous McKinney pool party made a splash.

In the video you can see former officer Eric Casebolt pining then 15-year-old Dajerria Becton to the ground after trying to break up a pool party.

Now a settlement has been reached in favor of Becton. She originally sued the city for $5 million but received a significantly smaller amount of $148,000.

"Well the settlement was not the city settlement I think that needs to be clarified the settlement is from the insurance company. The city was actually dismissed from the case," said city manager Paul Grimes.

But it's not all about the money for this community. They put together another pool party on Saturday, this time, in hopes of improving relations with the city and police.

"Some of those children that were affected in that pool party incident three years ago haven't been back to a pool in three years so this is an atmosphere to create positivity in the community where some people can come and have racial healing," said Dominique Alexander an activist with Next Generation Action Network.

The event was organized by Becton’s attorney in the case, Kim T. Cole. "Because several of them graduated this year I thought what better way to celebrate not just the end of this case but also their graduation and the three year anniversary of this event," she said.

While a new pool party may not wash away all the mistakes of the past, it looks like this is a good start.

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