Doing good in the neighborhood: Church group covers graffiti in Fort Worth

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FORT WORTH -- When graffiti is done right, it's an art form.  When it's vandalism, not so much.  The City of Fort Worth does its best to paint over the latter when it appears and welcomes help from groups looking to do community service.  Sunday morning, about 50 members from the World Mission Society Church of God rolled up their sleeves and grabbed some rollers.

"Everybody out here, they get really excited for this; many smiles," says church member David Harrod.  "It's very special to be able to come out here and help people."

In addition to being an eyesore, the city says graffiti vandalism can lower property values and encourage other criminal activity.  That makes a fresh coat of paint almost like a coat of security, and if vandals return their work is easier to paint over since the city can easily color-match the base coat it applied.

So if you're thinking of tagging something, just can the idea and save these people the hassle!

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