Dallas Mayor’s interns spend their off day giving back

DALLAS-- They say you've got to start them off young and that's what the Dallas Mayor's Intern Fellows Program aims to do!

Roughly 150 high school students completed their second week with the program just before spending their day off giving back.

Saturday was Community Service Day, so the teens helped out at the North Texas Food Bank.

"I think it's a really cool aspect of this program that we do community service here. I think it's really good because we get to give back and it really helps. I think it makes people more aware of the struggles that are in our community," intern Aleena Hassan said.

"It makes me feel proud that I'm actually doing something with my time. Otherwise, I would have been at home doing nothing. It feels good to be helping society," intern Alondra Camacho said.

"Look at the excitement. Look at the education. Look at the opportunity that they are learning today: how to participate, leading forward, but most of all, giving back," Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway said.

"North Texas Food Bank has been feeding for years for those that are less fortunate. Then when you look at someone like Tenant who's coming in financially to back and support it, when you put those elements together, you have a perfect combination."

A good deed for a good cause! Now, that's how you spend a Saturday!