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Chew on This: Steve and Cammy’s Ice Cream brings a sweet touch to Oak Cliff

DALLAS – Steven and Camille jones aren't Dallas natives, but their efforts to make the community sweeter would make you think otherwise.

"We were new to the Dallas area a couple years ago,” Steven Jones told Newsfix. “One of the reoccurring things we noticed in these bigger cities is that there's always a part of town that seems neglected when it comes to financial infrastructure. My wife and I have always had a passion to try and figure out a way we can give back. And an ice cream shop is one of the ideas we came up with."

That's how Steve and Cammy's Ice Cream, in Oak Cliff, came to be. And they're dishing out an array of flavors, including a few vegan selections. But it doesn't just stop at ice cream

"We're offering vegetarian sandwiches as well,” Camille Jones said. "We want to really serve our community with healthier food options."

Chew on This: Steve and Cammy's is feeding the area with more than just food.

"We are a for profit business, but we also want to be of support,” Camille Jones said. “So, we want to use our facility, or our unit, any way that we can.

Like hosting community events.

"We've had schools reach out,” Jones told Newsfix. “We've had different community groups."

Like the Mocha Moms, Inc.

"Which is a national corporation of moms and they came and they had their support meeting,” Jones said.

"It's very common for folks that live here to travel outside their community to patronize other businesses, but we're looking for the support outside the community,” Steven Jones said. “If you don't live in Oak Cliff or in areas similar to Oak Cliff, try coming down and supporting a shop like Steve and Cammy's - or one of the businesses next door. We need support from the outside community to help strengthen what we're trying to accomplish."

Here's to Steve and Cammy's, a business strengthening the community – one scoop at a time.

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