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Think you got neighborhood problems? These North Texas NextDoor posts are hilarious!

DALLAS -- If you haven't seen this new hilarious thread online, you're missing out!

You've seen NextDoor, but this is the Best of NextDoor.

It's all the funniest, silliest, real posts. Some are even from North Texas.

This person is confused why someone left an egg on their car door handle.

One neighbor wants to know why they saw a dog walking down the street wearing a shoe.

Also, we too want to know who taped a tile on their turtle!

"So many mysteries, so little time," says the creator of the Twitter and Facebook page, Jenn Takahashi.

After Twitter made a moment out of her posts she says, "It just blew up."

Takahashi's intention is to add a happy place to the internet, since she believes it is just a dark place right now.

"Hopefully people can just chuckle about something that doesn't have anything to do with the real world issues going on, and just laughing at the person going around with tape measures to measure the neighbors grass. Like that is what I would rather focus on."

So, if you're missing just one red checker piece, this NextDoor neighbor has your back.

We are sharing this one simply because we love Texas fire crews.

We feel you on those porch pirates.

While we cannot explain this one...

This one, we get. Polls are hard.

Okay, last one... we promise.

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