Employees skipping out on lunch to avoid “Lunch Break Shaming”

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The panic...the anxiety...the mind numbing nervousness. What are we referring to you ask?

Well these are some of the emotions that about 38 percent of American employees may feel when they take their lunch break.

It's called "lunch break shaming" when employees feel obligated to shorten their lunch time due to an unspoken criticism from bosses.

According to a survey done by workplace product distributor, Tork, the disconnect in communication between employers and employees is the main cause of the issue.

For example, over 80 percent of bosses say they believe their employees feel encouraged to take a full lunch, while just 62 percent of the workers truly feel encouraged.

June 15th was "take back lunch break day," and Tork used the opportunity to spread the word about why a lunch break is so important. They pointed out things like workers get more things done, feel valued, and are more satisfied with their jobs when they take a lunch.

Hey, it's not mandatory for employers to provide a lunch break in the state of Texas, but according to the state law, if a person has to work through their lunch, they must be compensated.

So go ahead, enjoy your meal, it could be on the house!

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