CW33 has your backstage peek of iconic Lion King musical at Fair Park!

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DALLAS -- The circle of life has made it`s way to the DFW, with the iconic Lion King musical, playing right here at Fair Park.

And of course, CW33 has got your backstage look at how it all goes down!

"There`s a lot to take in,"says the woman who plays 14 different flutes during the play. "I would say plan on coming a couple of times. You`re gonna have your attention drawn to so many things, and I would say the first time just let it all wash over you."

And the costumes? They are wilddddd! And y'all, some of these costume changes are quick!

The quickest is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Tickets are still on sale, and the show`s out at fair park until July 7th.

And lucky for you, the theater is dark, so no one has to see you ugly cry when Mufasa has his run in with the wildebeests!

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