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Viral picture of child in cage gets taken out of context on social media

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DALLAS -- Some immigration activist are on the defense after a photo from a protest they held has been making its rounds on the internet.

The problem? People believed this picture of a child crying in a cage was taken on the Texas border after the boy had been taken from his parents, but that's just not true.

The picture was actually taken at a demonstration. The activists were the brown berets, a community based organization. The photo, posted by Leroy Pena, head of the DFW chapter, was actually taken over a week ago in Dallas.

Pena says the little boy at the center of this viral photo was actually following his big brother when he got confused on how to get out of the cage and started crying.

"There's people blaming the mother that she forced him in there, but this happened within the span of 30 seconds," Pena said. "That's what little kids [do], you know, they follow their older siblings."

Although this was a demonstration, Pena says he wants the message to be clear.

"It was a dramatization of something that is actually happening."

In the background other protesters are seen holding signs that read things like "No Cages" and "I Am Human, I Have Rights, Respect Me."

Pena says although he didn't intend for the photo to be misleading, he's glad attention is being brought to the issue.

"This goes back decades when other countries did it, so now the United States can't look at other countries and point fingers at them."

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