New Dallas-based ‘Crown’ app tries to turn online dating into a game

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DALLAS -- Just when you thought we didn't need any more dating apps, another one comes out to play!

Dallas based company, Match Group, has created a new dating app that throws a curve ball at trying to find love.

It's called "Crown," and unlike other sites like Tinder, OK Cupid and Match, Crown doesn't drown you by showing you all the fish in the sea!

Instead, Crown is described as "a tournament-style dating app that sends you only 16 curated matches per day. When gameplay starts, we show you 2 people at a time, then you select who advances to the next round until you reach your final 4."

Crown may be trying to change the name of the dating game, but in this day in age, isn't dating already a game?

Ghosting, breadcrumbing, catfishing and all the other dating terms that have come to be are because of the online "players" in the modern dating age.

Hey, the players may change, but as long as social media is around, the game of love will remain the same.

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