Museum on wheels hopes to bring playtime back to DFW

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DALLAS-- There`s a museum traveling around Northern Texas.

How, you ask?

On wheels, of course.

Play Street Museum on Wheels takes about a half hour to be set up once it gets where it`s going.

"Anywhere where children are needing to be entertained," says Ann Marie Tennison, a franchise owner. "Our main vision is really to bring back play into education, traveling to preschools traveling to daycares."

The creators are trying to get children to play again, like children once did.

"They want to stay home, they want to sit in front of their TVs, they want to play in that in retrospect, versus playing outside or going indoors and coloring or drawing or painting," says Tennison. She adds that free play is extremely important for children.

They believe children are being raised with iPads and cellphones instead of exploring, reading, interacting and learning social skills. "That`s all taken away when you put a screen in their face," says Tennison.

You can rent the Play Street Museum for an event, fundraiser, festival or party.

They have different themes and even curriculum for children as old as 5th grade.

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