Fort Worth Police are calling people out on social media for breaking road laws

FORT WORTH -- The laws of the road are simple: click it or ticket, don't drink, or text, and drive, and move over for emergency vehicles, are a few that should be simple enough to follow.

But it's the last rule that has Fort Worth Police cracking down on the law-breakers.

When it comes to changing lanes or slowing down for emergency vehicles, Fort Worth PD isn't taking any prisoners!

The boys in blue are blasting the offenders on social media, posting things like, "Yikes. 72 miles per hour. Wayyyyy too fast with an emergency vehicle on the side of the freeway," and "This motorhome is in a hurry...just sayin'."

One problem Texas drivers know all too well is slow drivers in the left lane.

Well one Indiana cop is going viral for making it known that driving slow in the fast lane will get you pulled over!

Which is a friendly reminder for you fellow Texans: the left lane is for passing and if you get caught holding up the line, you could get a $200 fine!

So next time you take to the streets, make sure you're following the right side of the law!