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Shooting at “Art All Night” festival in New Jersey leaves 22 injured

TRENTON, NJ--  What was suppose to be a fun art festival in Trenton, New Jersey turned into a tragedy when a 33-year-old man opened fire shooting 17. A total of 22 people were injured.

"Shots were fired and a couple people got shot. I don't know if they got the shooter or what, but it was-it's pretty nuts. So, uh it's a shame because they try to do something nice here and then people have to ruin it." said an eye witness.

Police say at least two suspects began shooting at about 2:45 a.m. on Sunday. The motive? They think was caused by "neighborhood beef."

"All of a sudden inside the doorway, about 10 shots went off. Pow, pow, pow pow pow pow pow! And everybody started running." said another witness.

A 13-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot. The "Art All Night" event is held every year, and it features live murals, musical performances, more than 1,500 works of art and more. At the time of the incident, as many as 1,000 people were in the area.

Authorities did say they believe the alleged gunman was shot and killed by police. According to Art All Nights Facebook page they are canceling the rest of the event.

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