Consumer study: Americans spend $15.3 billion on Father’s Day gifts

DALLAS-- So, what did you get your dad for Father's Day?

Tie? Socks? Maybe a fancy watch?

Well check this out, according to a study done by The National Retail Federation this year alone Americans spend $15.3 billion dollars on gifts for dad!

According to the study people are likely to spend an average of $188! So, what are they buying their dads?

"I bought my dad two tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert. They were tickets, it was at an outdoor concert so they were like $40 on the lawn," one woman said.

The survey also revealed that gift cards, electronics and clothing are among the popular gifts for dad.

"I got a fishing pole and some fishing accessories. That particular father had champagne taste so we spent close to $100 for it." a young man said.

Okay whether you have champagne taste, or not, it's about the thought that counts right?

"I got him this bottle opener because my grandma has a whole wall of these from across the country, so I bought this to add to his collection." another woman said.

Whatever you choose to get for Father's Day, make sure it's just as special as dad.