Arlington puts a spin on learning with new library

ARLINGTON - Silent and boring? Nah. That's definitely not how we'd describe Arlington's new George W. Hawkes Library.

"It's not your mother's library where it's always the 'Shhhh,'" said library director Yoko Matsumoto. "We want to have a space in the community to be relaxed and be able to talk and chat in the library. A place where children can come and talk to each other to develop early literacy skills."

Have you ever seen a library with a playroom?! Well, now you can!

This three story building is complete with rooftop views, tons of creator space, and even 3D printers!

"People who are skilled can come and use it," Matsumoto said. "People who are novice, and don't know anything about it can take classes, learn about it, and maybe find out they have this hidden talent."

Suddenly the library seems like a pretty hype place to spend your summer! If you like the quiet, vintage library feel...don't worry, they've still got you covered. You'll just need to head up to the third floor!

"We created a library that meets the needs of many people in our community and not just one vibe," Matsumoto said.