Target apologizes, pulls ‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day card from shelves

DALLAS -- One American Greetings Father`s Day card has social media in a firestorm, and it`s put a little bit of a target, on Target.

"It literally was the only card that depicted a black couple," says  Takeisha Saunders. "There were other cards that were geared towards black folks, but none of them had husband, or a couple - so initially, that was was my disdain."

Saunders was picking out a Father`s Day card for her husband when she spotted the baby daddy greeting. She posted a pic on Facebook with the hashtags #HowAboutHusband and #HowAboutJustDad.

"Would you call the card racist or would you call it insensitive?" asks reporter, Miranda Parnell. "No, I wouldn`t call the card racist, because it`s not. I didn`t call the card racist. I didn`t call Target racist, or American Greetings. I was just like - hey, where are the other options?"

Saunders says the inside of the card was nice, and for a lot of couples, that card would fit. She just doesn`t want the only Father`s Day choice illustrating a black couple, to be one that says "baby daddy."

"That may fit someone`s narrative, it just doesn`t fit mine," Saunders said. "And the lack of options of any other card that said husband or father, there just weren`t those options."

Target says they`re pulling the cards from their stores and released statement saying:

"It`s never our intent to offend any of our guests with the products we sell."

The cardmakers, American Greetings, released a statement of their own saying,

"We have notified our store merchandisers to remove the card from all retailer shelves and apologize for any offense we`ve caused."

As for Saunders, she just wants major corporations to think twice about what they`re putting out there, and the messages they send.