Simon Says: Why my mom had the best advice about depression

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DALLAS -- I know people who wanted to be Kate Spade. They wanted her style, entrepreneurial spirit and her success. Now, both Spade and Bourdain have “suicide” in common.

For a while now, we’ve all heard the advice of how, when it comes to depression, you should speak-out to someone, get help, and call an 1-800 number.

That’s all good, but there’s more advice that might be getting lost in all this. It’s something my mom used to tell me, and lately I’m sure she’s staring down at me saying, “Everyone has their own sh%t.” She wasn’t referring to toilets.

My sweet mother always thought it doesn’t matter who you are: rich, poor, ugly, or beautiful--things like depression and anxiety don’t discriminate. People who loved Spade and Bourdain would agree.

We all struggle in our own way, so why is that so many of us are trying so damn hard being jealous of others. You know, comparing ourselves to someone we may not even know,  yet we chase them like a greyhound goes after a FAKE rabbit. If you’ve been to the dog track, you know the rabbit always wins. However; you will lose in life if you let the fake lives of others get you down.

I’m not getting philosophical here, I’m just telling you what’s been studied.

Whether it’s social media or anything else, don’t chase that life you think is all that. Chase your best self, because it’s better to grow your own confidence than compare yourself to someone who could be  secretly struggling.

In this case of Kate Spade, there’s a sad irony how she was dealing with a lot of baggage. Anthony Bourdain’s battle with depression is also sad.

Yes, for years I wanted to  be Anthony Bourdain, but right now I’m so glad I’m not.

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