Pence takes the stage at the Southern Baptist Convention

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DALLAS -- Vice President Mike Pence landed in Dallas on Wednesday at the Southern Baptist Convention.

During his speech to a crowd of about 10,000, he took the time to speak about President Trump's recent meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

"The President went to this meeting as in his words, 'on a mission of peace,' but with eyes wide open," Pence said. "And I can report the meeting that took place was direct and honest provocative and productive."

He went on to point out that the president credits the meeting with North Korea to Otto Warmbier, the American college student who was imprisoned in North Korea back in 2016 and later died in 2017 after slipping into a coma.

Pence applauded the Trump Administration for the work put in since taking office.

"It's been 500 Days of Action. It's been five hundred days of promises made and promises kept."

Throughout the speech there were several moments of explosive applause. One attendee was even shocked that the vice president came.

"We come together to pray to do God's business we did not expect him to come today," Don Biadog of MCAS Miramar said.

But not everyone was so open to having the VP at the conference. A small group of delegates felt that appearing too close to the GOP may distort the true mission of the event,  spreading the Gospel.

Despite those reservations the committee welcomed him with open arms, which made for a peaceful event. Peace seems to be a running theme lately so hopefully we can keep it that way!

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