Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader suing the team because Rowdy makes more money

DALLAS-- No back hand flips can help the Dallas Cowboys out of this one.

Former Cowboys cheerleader, Erica Wilkins, is suing the team because, she says Rowdy the mascot made more money than she did.

Wilkins says the team violated the equal pay act and labor standards. She's also seeking "other available damages." According to the lawsuit, Rowdy makes $65,000 a year while Wilkins was making $16,516.01 or about $8 dollars an hour. The documents also states Wilkins "was not paid time-and a-half" for overtime. This is just the latest lawsuit involving cheerleaders.

Last month, three former Houston Texans cheerleaders sued the team saying they were paid only $7.25 an hour, and New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins cheerleaders have filed complaints claiming they have been discriminated against and sexually harassed.

Looks like these cheerleaders ran out of team spirit.