California could be split into 3 states as initiative goes on November ballot

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SACRAMENTO, CA -- Have you ever thought what it would be like if the state you lived in were to be divided into multiple states?

Well, living in Texas, probably so, and some Californians have the same idea!

An initiative qualified on Tuesday to split California into three parts and will appear on the ballot in the upcoming November elections. The proposal would split the state into a "New" California, Northern California and Southern California.

Tim Draper, the venture capitalist who brought up the proposal, received over 400,000 signatures on the campaign he calls "Cal 3." draper believes the divide would help regional communities make better decisions on a smaller scale.

On the website some of the benefits of separation include stronger education systems, safer roads, and lower taxes.

But like we already mentioned,  California is not the first to have this idea. The Lone Star State has been trying for years to split into 5 separate states. Back in 2009 Former Governor Rick Perry even threatened to secede and make the state its own country, but that proved to be not as easy as it sounds.

Which is probably a good thing . Who wants to have to have a passport just to go to Oklahoma?!

Either way, Golden State voters will get their say in November, so you better head to Disneyland before it has a "new" home.

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