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Dallas organizations demand sick PTO for more workers with petition

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DALLAS - Hard working Texans are "sick of it." At least, that's the line one group in Dallas is promoting.

"They are tired of making these difficult choices," a representative from Workers Defense said. "They want paid sick time, and we're going to work with our friends here in the city to make sure they get it."

The Working Texans for Paid Sick Time organization says  roughly 41% of Dallas workers don't have access to sick PTO. According to their website, the group hopes to make it so that anyone who puts in more than 80 hours of work within city limits per year can have it.

In an effort to get an ordinance on the ballot in November, workers and local activist organizations came together to support the cause.

"As a born and raised Dallas resident, it fills me with joy knowing that we're putting the power to improve our city in the hands of the people," a representative from Texas Organizing Project said.

"Today, our families are crying out and these signed petitions are representations of those cries, in the form of a signature, to those who are in power to release and relieve them of their affliction," a representative from Faith in Texas said.

"It's important that we fight for this policy that makes our communities healthier and stronger. We cannot continue to bolster a city of haves and have nots," a Dallas City Councilman said.

The organizers delivered a petition with more than 110,000 signatures to the Dallas city clerk's office Monday.

Attorney general Ken Paxton believes any ordinance like this is unlawful, and he would likely fight it if it passes. He's already fighting a similar ordinance in Austin.

Whether you're sick of it or not, the ball is in Dallas' court now!

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