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DFW’s latest growing trend: urban axe-throwing!

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DALLAS -- We know Texans love their guns, but if you're getting bored with bullets at the shooting range there's an increasingly available alternative: trading in your holster for a hatchet!

Urban axe-throwing started in Canada and is gaining popularity in the United States.  In DFW alone we've gone from zero to three venues over the past year, with Bad Axe Throwing in Dallas opening just this weekend to join Fort Worth Axe Factory and Class Axe in Richardson.

"It's the most fun you're going to be able to have with sharp objects in a safe environment," says Anthony McGavock, who serves a dual role for Bad Axe Throwing as operations manager and throwing coach for customers who need some help.  He says it's fun for all types of people--and nearly all ages, as well!

"I have personally taught a 7-year-old girl how to throw, and before she left she nailed a bullseye.

"I had a man that came in, looked like he was 6-foot-5, just pure muscle, he was doing a great job.  And then there was a couple of punk-rock kids that came in and they were having a blast.  A few hipsters.  We really cater to everyone here."

Not surprisingly, the number one reason people come to throw?  They've got an axe to grind!

"Stress relief," says McGavock.  "They come in, throw for an hour, and they walk out smiling; they feel a lot better."

For customers looking for some regular competition there's a weekly league, akin to what you find at bowling alleys, and there's also the World Axe Throwing League which unites 41 affiliates--including Bad Axe Throwing and Fort Worth Axe Factory--in nine countries.

So if you're looking for something new to try, throw this idea around!

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