HOBY seminar brings together North Texas’ outstanding young leaders

DENTON -- If 2018 has taught us anything, it's that teenagers are a force to be reckoned with. With food, friendship, and a lot fun, one group is making sure these young leaders know they can change the world.

"They're not the future leaders of our world, they're the current leaders of our world," said HOBY leader Emma Beaird.

HOBY, short for the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation, teaches high schoolers that they're never too young to make a positive difference, and redefine their communities.

"HOBY fosters the perfect opportunity for students," said another HOBY leader, Sharif Long. "To have a platform, to voice their opinions and to engage in their communities."

The students will only be a the seminar for the next few days, but we have a feeling we'll be hearing good things from them for quite a while.

"We have amazing minds, we are exceptional individuals," said Lauren Moore, a high schooler attending the seminar.  "We have the ability and the capability to do everything we can to change the world."