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Event Recap: Inspire U Fest brings DFW women entrepreneurs together

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DALLAS - When women come together to support and share with each other, it's beautiful!

That's the mission behind Inspire U Fest, an interactive festival for female entrepreneurs. Sabeina Harris, the founder of Inspire U Fest and A Seat at The Table Branding Agency, aimed to create an environment to inspire entrepreneurial women to more success.

"I wanted to create Inspire U Fest because I saw a need in the market to be able to bring women together to have this platform and also be able to network  with other women that are trying to do the same things," Sabeina said.

Women from all business backgrounds were able to connect and listen to panels of women in health, social media, beauty and entrepreneurship along with shopping with local women-owned businesses and being pampered in a beauty lounge.

"From the beginning of the year we always go into the new year like, 'Yes! We're inspired to start our businesses'," fest attendee Cinzia Ballou said. "Towards that half of the year you lose that inspiration. So events like this are really empowering and encouraging..."

Many gems where given allowing attendees and even the panelist to walk away with new and insightful information.

"The biggest takeaway I hope they took away from what I mentioned, I talked a lot about different types of ways to register your business," Baddie Brunch Series founder and Inspire U panelist, Sydney Chandler said. "I think that's something that something that when you start a business everybody isn't jumping to tell you that."

This is the first Inspire U Fest, but it won't be the last. Sabeina is already planning for new year.

"I'm a huge fan of bonding together and being able to work together so I think this is something that can be one event that everyone can be involved in but it serves a greater purpose."

If you missed Inspire U Fest, don't worry! It'll be back June 2019!

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