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Dallas chef John Tesar remembers long-standing friendship with late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain

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DALLAS -- Just days after fashion icon Kate Spade was found dead after an apparent suicide, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain reportedly took his own life as well.

The 61-year-old TV personality was best known for his work with major networks like the Travel Channel, Food Network, and CNN.

His death is not only a reminder to all of us that money and fame don't always bring happiness, but it is also brings back special memories for a Dallas Chef.

"Bourdain and I go back before anybody knew what our name's were," Knife Dallas Owner John Tesar said. "We were just two guys trying to figure out who we were in the West Village back in the back in the late 80s and early 90s."

Tesar had been friends with Bourdain nearly 40 years. Bourdain even used Tesar as the real life inspiration for the character Jimmy Sears in his best selling book, "Kitchen Confidential".

Though the two had a few hiccups in their friendship, their brotherhood outlasted it all.

"We've always stayed in touch and kind of had this love/hate relationship," Tesar said.

"Tony was one of the few people in the world that, you know, had adversity. He was a unique personality. But, with is show, with his thoughts and his writing, and his storytelling, he was bringing people together."

"I just want to remember him as that tall skinny guy in the skinny jeans, with the black leather jacket, smoking the lucky strike without a filter wearing cowboy boots in New York city," he said.

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