Watch as NewsFix take an IndyCar across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

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DALLAS -- The loud noises. The fast speeds. The cars jockeying to cross the finish line first. It’s the stuff you can only find at places like Texas Motor Speedway. That is… unless IndyCar is headed to a city near you.

“This is the street legal two-seater Indy Car and it is used for promotional use around each and every city that has an IndyCar race,” said Chase Crawford, with the IndyCar Experience.

It’s what IndyCar dreams are made of. Oh! And the looks you get? Let’s just say there are probably a lot of sprained necks out there.

“It’s really funny when you get the one who’s just driving to work and he turns and sees it and is just like ‘woah!’” said Crawford. “But every kind of look that you can get driving an exotic car…as one of the guys said yesterday ‘you become famous instantly.”

If riding around in one of these bad boys isn’t for you – you can always sit back and relax while watching the pros do it this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway.

Either way, you’re in for a good time.

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