Video released of Miami Pride attack against couple

MIAMI, FL-- Imagine getting beaten up because of who you love. That's what happened to a couple in Miami in April after The Gay Pride Festival, and now new video has been released of the incident.

Cops say Rene and Dmitry were minding their own business near the restrooms when they were attacked. Police also released photos of the injuries they both suffered.

"We never could expect something like that."

"It was my first time going to this event and for me it is overwhelming."

Investigators say the four yelled gay slurs in Spanish at the victims. The four suspects surrendered to police two days later. They're identified as Adonis Diaz, Luis Alonso, Juan Lopez, and Pablo Reinaldo Romo.

They're charged with aggravated battery. If it's treated as a hate crime they could each get 30 years in prison.