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Chew on This: Mowhawk Militia raises money for Veteran operated greenhouse

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DALLAS – From working in some of the most prestigious Dallas kitchens, to appearances on the Food Network – Chef Patrick Stark is no stranger to the spotlight. But after years in the business, he's looking to shine his light on Veterans, in hopes of creating a greenhouse run by those who served our country. And he’s using his charity – the Mohawk Militia.

"The Mohawk Militia has been around for five years,” Stark told Newsfix. It's a 501c3 charity. And the focus is on the power of clean food. From growing and sharing, to consumption. We've come up with a really cool platform where we teach U.S. Veterans about healthy lifestyles and eating, as well as therapeutic gardening."

But in order to build, you gotta have land. That's where Alendra Lyons, of the Mill City Community Garden, comes into play.

"Mill City was established in 1903,” Lyons said. "You had Joseph Wiley and Clifford Jackson who actually had a mill that they were running here. And it was to help people with jobs and teach them job skills so they could be sustainable. This would be another project where we can give back here, for Dallas as a whole, and having a place for the Veterans to come, be safe. To just be a part of the community."

Chew on This: Mohawk Militia is asking for your help to reach their goal.

"Right now, thru July 4th, in honor of of our vets, we're trying to raise 250,000 $1 donations,” Stark said. “And you can go to It's tax free. If you're a large business and would like to sponsor or be a donor, we do have a Crowdrise page up. And lastly, we're always taking volunteers."

So, whether you're giving up the green – or helping people plant it – it's safe to say a Veteran would appreciate you lending a helping hand. Just as much as we appreciate what they've done for our country.

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