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Band touring the country gets their van, trailer, and all their gear stolen

GARLAND -- Fortunately, the Stone Foxes picked Dallas as the first city to kick off their music tour. Unfortunately, someone in Garland changed the tune of their weekend.

Their van, their trailer, and all their musical gear were stolen from the La Quinta Inn & Suites parking lot while they slept.

"We were parked right over there," says Shannon Koehler, the band's drummer. "It was there and then it wasn't."

The list of stuff goes on and on. "It's all of our favorite guitars, our drum sets, and things we have had since we were teenagers," says Koehler. "We are sitting there trying to figure out, oh there is that, and there is that, and damn, there is that too."

It's worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

There is some more sad news. All their merch is gone so there won't be any tee shirts for sale at their upcoming concert. "We are going to make it work somehow," says Koehler.

Well, the next one they are actually going to make it to, anyway. The band had to cancel a couple of concerts.

They have rented some gear and left Garland, headed to Memphis. They would appreciate if you'd be on the lookout for their stuff. The van's License Plate is  6PFG735. It's a 2011 white Ford E350.

The trailer is a Grey Atlas 8x10 with a license plate of 4MC8311.

And to the person who stole their gear, Koehler says, "Hey man, look, you did what you had to do I guess. That's all good, just bring our stuff back, and it would be much appreciated."

You heard him, you don't want to be the chorus to a new Stone Foxes single, do ya?


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