More couples are saying ‘I do’ to social media prenups

SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- Before getting married, you gotta make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

These days, more couples are saying I do to a social media prenup, or rather, putting social media clauses in their prenuptial agreements.

For instance, if you and bae get in an argument, the prenup would prevent anyone from getting caught up in an emotional Twitter tirade or share private photos or messages on "The Gram" that someone might regret.

It would especially be good for anyone who's job relies on their public image, such as business owners, teachers, etc.

But it doesn't have to be about a scorned lover, it can also be about the kiddos. Social media clauses can include what and how much can be shared on any current or future children.

Hey breakups can be messy and a prenup can help clean up that mess, but when it comes to love in the social media age, just put a check mark next to "It's complicated."