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Have a cold? Got a flight to catch? New medical facility near DFW Airport can help you out!

DALLAS - Code 3 Emergency Partners is making sure you make it to  your gate in tip-top condition with their brand new emergency room/urgent care center right on DFW International Airport property.

"When they arrive after a long trip, instead of having to go find something, it'll be right here at their finger tips," said Dr. Carrie de Moor, the CEO of the facility.

The spot just opened last week. They've got CT scanners, X-ray machines and all that other fancy medical equipment to keep you kicking!

Remember that guy whose kid couldn't board the plane because he had lice? Yeah, they could've help with that...

"We would see them in our 24-hour Urgent Care," de Moor said. "We would hopefully get them with the right medications, get them filled and get them back on their way so they could get back on an airplane."

They're just itching to solve your problems!

Code 3 already has an Urgent Care unit inside DFW, but this new facility is up for anything, and they serve people who aren't flying out.

Now nothing can keep you from that Hawaii trip!

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