New study says dogs like your “baby voice”

YORK, ENGLAND -- Don't lie, we've all talked to dogs like a baby, and science says keep doing it!

According to a study published in Animal Cognition, 37 pet pooches were tested to see how dogs responded when humans used "dog-directed speech," or what we know as "baby voice," and turns out, your furry friend actually likes it when you talk to them all child like!

"If you talk to them in a baby tone or a soft tone, you can pretty much say anything and they'll perk up and listen," dog mom Caitlin Boyle said.

"If I'm just trying to talk to my dog in a nice playful way, I'll use more of a baby tone. However, if I need to be stern I do change my tone and she catches up on that," dog dad Matthew Giliotti explained.

Not all dogs are the same, though. Some puppies liked the "baby voice" no matter what, but the adult dogs responded better to specific words like "walk" or "treat."

So next time you're trying to get your pet's attention with your squeaky tone,  don't be shy because science says your dog loves it, and you!