Cops want information after five shot during football game in South Dallas

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DALLAS -- It was supposed to be a neighborhood versus neighborhood football game in South Dallas at the Juanita Craft Recreation Center.

However, during the Sunday evening game, witnesses describe what happened feeling like something out of a war movie.

Police say it started with one person getting on a moped, driving into the center of the field, and opening fire into the crowd. Others then returned bullets. “Probably a few hundred, if not more," says Deputy Chief, Thomas Castro.

Five people were hit. Two women are in critical condition, one woman is stable condition, and two men are also in stable condition.

One of the women victims is a pregnant teenager who was shot in the chest. She was brought to Baylor Hospital where doctors performed an emergency C-section. She lost a lot of blood, but the baby is in good condition.

Another one of the victims is a woman who was shot in the head. She is expected to survive.

The third woman showed up to Baylor Hospital by a private vehicle with a gunshot to her leg.

The two men were both shot in the legs. Police officers applied tourniquets to the men while waiting for EMS to arrive.

Police on scene also applied a chest seal to the teenager, which is a special bandage designed for a gunshot wound.  “We did have South East Patrol respond to the location. As they approached, they saw some victims wounded, there at the location. They applied their training and the techniques that were taught, and they did treat these victims prior to them being transported,” says Deputy Chief Castro.

At this point it is unclear if the five people were targeted, or were simply caught in the crossfire.

Cops are currently trying to determine if it was gang related. Deputy Chief Castro says, “At this point no one has come forward to give us a definite identity of the suspect.”

In the video you can hear an argument before shots are fired. “We still need someone who saw something,” Deputy Chief Castro says they are willing to pay up to $5,000 to someone who knows why this happened and who started it. At this point they do not know how many shooters there were, and have not named any of them.

“When someone shoots into a crowd like that, it’s alarming, very alarming,” says Deputy Chief Castro.

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