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Who keeps breaking into churches in Cleburne?

CLEBURNE- According to several churches in Cleburne, somebody didn't get the 'Thou shalt not steal' memo.

"They busted out some small glass, tried to reach around, and they ran around to the back," Bishop Casey Crook said, describing the break-in at Highpoint  Church. "They actually used a handheld tool like a screw driver...and they pried open our back door through our kitchen area."

And Highpoint isn't the only church that's been hit. Since mid-February, Cleburne police have been dealing with seven separate incidents, with some of the churches getting hit twice.

"They took an iMac computer, Apple iPad, two television monitors, two floor monitors," Crook said.

A camera at one of the churches did pick up an image of two people messing around on the property, but police don't have any official suspects.

Highpoint has installed a full security system since their break-in, but now they're just hoping whoever's behind all decides to get their life right.

"Turn yourselves in," Crook said. "Bring the stuff, put it on the doorsteps of the churches; just drop it off. Turn yourselves in, but most of all, find Jesus."

If you'd like to help the church fundraise for the stolen goods, you can click here to donate.


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