Southwest Airlines struggles to keep out of the headlines

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OAKLAND, CA -- The fight is one once again between Southwest Airlines and some unhappy customers. One women has accused some of the employees of asking her prove she was her son's mother.

UC Berkeley Women's Basketball coach, Lindsay Gottlieb says she was on her way back from Denver when an agent made her pull out the child's birth certificate, claiming his passport, which matched his father's last name, wasn't enough proof.

"She said, 'How do I know you're the mother?'" Gottlieb, said. "I was rattled, I think. I was a little bit shocked.

Gottlieb says ticket personnel said the questioning was because they have different last names,but she believed this happened for another reason.

"This isn't okay' and maybe somewhere down the line, that helps my son, who is biracial, " Gottlieb said.

"We don't know without talking to that agent what motive is or what they were thinking when they had those questions," Ken Jenkins, Aviation Crisis Consultant, said. "I think it should have ended however when the father steps up says here is my identification the name does match."

And this isn't the only issue Southwest has had this week. One passenger has filed a police report after she says a fellow passenger was watching porn, while pleasuring himself in the seat next to her.

In the end, the only thing the woman says they offered her was a free dinner voucher.

And their problems don't stop there. On Wednesday one of their planes had to make an emergency landing because someone decided to fire up a marijuana cigarette.

Sheesh, talk about a rough week!

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