Criminals steal Bitcoin ATM out of Dallas bar, but the joke is on them

DALLAS-- Three break-ins, two weeks and the one final straw for John Myers.

He's the owner of the Free Man on Commerce Street,  which now needs a new window.

"No matter what we do, we just can't seem to get a handle on it," he says. "In this particular instance, this time these people knew what they were doing, they were coming specifically for the Bitcoin ATM."

The what? A Bitcoin ATM? Yeah, you heard that right. It was an odd grab and go.

Myers caught video of two people using a sledge hammer to break in, run over to the ATM, grab the whole thing and run off.

He says the whole thing happened in under a minute and thirty seconds.

"I don't want to give anyone any ideas, they know how it's bolted down to the ground."

Bitcoin ATM thefts are becoming quite a problem across the country. That's what says, anyway.

But, the joke is actually on those hauling off the machines.

"Honestly it doesn't hold a lot of money," says Myers.

Since bit coins are virtual money, there usually isn't much cash in the machine. However, the machine itself though is worth quite a bit.

And of course, so is Myers' window that now needs to be replaced.

"I am close to just sleeping with a gun inside the bar. I don't know what else to do," he says.