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House of horror: Three bodies found in Massachusetts home

SPRINGFIELD, MA -- It's being the called the Massachusetts house of horror after police found three bodies at the home of a man charged with kidnapping.

"I can confirm only that Stewart Weldon, who was arrested on May 27 by the Springfield Police Department, does, we believe live at this address. That is the extent of the connections as far as we're willing to say at this point," said Anthony Gulluni, the Hampden County District Attorney.

40-year-old Stewart Weldon was arrested after a car chase that ended when he crashed into a police vehicle and wrestled with officers. That's when a woman was found in the mans car. She said he held her captive for over a month and sexually assaulted her. She was taken to a hospital with injuries including stab wounds, broken jaw, marks from being hit with a blunt object, and a leg infection.

Then cops went to Weldon's house.

"I did want to confirm the fact that we have recovered two bodies from this address. We do believe that Mr. Weldon has been living, up until the time of his arrest, at this address on Page Blvd. and we are continuing the investigation along with the Springfield Police Department and members of my office," Gulluni said.

Neighbors say they could smell the bodies as they were taken out.

"When the trailers would go by, its just a whiff of the smell. It was awful, awful! You can smell it out in the streets." A neighbor said.

Weldon is being held on a $1 million bail for assaulting the woman, but so far has not been charged in connection with the discovery of the bodies in his home.

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