Trump makes his way to Dallas for major fundraiser

DALLAS -- President Trump made several moves around the Lone Star State.

Thursday afternoon the president arrived in Dallas to follow up with plans for a scheduled fundraiser which had previously been postponed.

The fundraiser was held at The Adolphus Hotel and according to his schedule, the president was supposed make an appearance for about 10 minutes, but this wasn't the case, he was actually in town for about two hours.

That might still seem like a quick visit for those who paid a whoppin' $35,000 for dinner.

On the outside, there was a small show of opposition, leaving many surprised that there weren't many protesters gathered.

Trump's first stop of the day took him to Santa Fe where he visited school shooting victims and their families before traveling to Houston for another fundraiser.

Wheels may be up now, but reports say Trump made off with a cool $5 million from this meal.