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Chew on This: Mille Lire brings traditional Italian with a twist

DALLAS – Tradition, tradition, tradition. That's what oozes out of Mille Lire, the Italian eatery located at The Centrum, in Dallas' Oak Lawn area. And it starts with the name...

"Mille Lire is just old Italian money,” executive chef Guiliano Matarese told Newsfix. “It's just the memory and celebration of what we had before the Euro came in the market."

And getting innovative, yet classic Italian dishes here in the heart of Texas – is priceless.

"My menu changes almost every day based on the seasons, inspiration, the weather,” Materese said. "One of the dishes I did a few day ago was the sea scallops with the green peas, cumquat, crispy prosciutto and fennel puree."

Then there's the classics – like pizza. And you can't forget the chicken liver pate.

Chew on This: Chef Matarese is putting his own spin on carbonara, and it's something that's sure to please diners in Dallas.

"Dallas diners, they are really sophisticated,” Matarese said. “They are not somebody like they never heard or tasted original Italian food."

So, if you're in the mood for some tradition with a twist, take a seat at the Mille Lire table.

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